The Meridian Kung Fu Leadership Programme




Our Leadership Programme is a ground-breaking programme that prepares students to become the very best they can possibly be. It also opens up the pathway to join the adult coaching team at 16 should they wish to pursue a very real career as a Meridian Kung Fu Instructor by the age of 20. The Leadership Programme is taught once a month seminar style environment and supported with once a week hands on training in actual live classes at your Branch with your Instructor.


Within the Programme you will learn invaluable skills, such as:

Coaching skills

Class planning, risk assessment and how to teach in an engaging manner to maximise a session will be taught. Participants also gain valuable hands on experience in actual classes allowing them to build confidence and put their leadership skills to work.

Goal Setting

The skill of goal setting and following through to achievement is the foundation to a successful life. You'll learn the RPM strategies that leaders use to help them achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

Money management

Money does not buy happiness, but a lack of money can easily cause unhappiness. This programme will show children the 3 simple steps to maximising money, using it wisely and how to start building a financial foundation to build upon.

Health and nutrition

In today's society it seems acceptable to eat poorly, not move enough and neglect rest. This element of the course will combat that as the 7 forces to leading a healthy lifestyle will highlight the long-term damages that lack of exercise, smoking, alcohol and drugs have on a body. It will show a simple system that children can understand and follow to become healthier.

Life saving techniques

How to put someone in the recovery position or stop someone from chocking plus what to do in an emergency are basic skills everyone should know. We bring in a qualified paramedic to teach this in a hand on, fun way that could inevitably save lives.

Leadership skills

What do leaders do that make them stand out from the crowd, innovate and become a person to look up to? You'll find out in this module of the course! By applying our Leadership blueprint you'll have the skill set to become a confident leader and someone who sets the standard for others to follow.

Communication skills

In this module you'll learn the skill of conversing with people to put your point across without creating negative reactions from them. You'll also learn how to listen to their point of view with an open mind rather than a closed, defensive mind-set. This is how we learn and grow.


Lots of people spend their time continually putting out fires or reacting to urgent situations that could have easily been avoided with simple planning ahead. They spend much of their time in a state of continual stress, but this can be easily avoided by implementing a new more forward thinking attitude. This module explains exactly how to avoid unnecessary stressful situations.


In this module you will learn how to deal with people from all walks of life in a confident and likeable way. The way to present yourself and how to meet people for the first time can heavily influence the way you communicate with them which in turn leads to the experience you have. When you learn the art of Rapport, you'll make a bigger impact on the people you meet and you'll stand out from the crowd, improve your success at interviews and open doors that are closed to everyone else.

Joining the Leadership Programme

The first session will teach the foundations of coaching. Then once a week participation at Branch is available to gain the invaluable hands on experience needed to implement the skills learnt in each monthly seminar. The monthly seminars will be fun, informative and designed to not only instil coaching skills but also the life skills needed to become a productive, positive leader and possibly a future Meridian Kung Fu Instructor.

participants that can commit to the following:

  • HQ sessions are mandatory and can only be missed with written confirmation. Non-attendance to more than 2 sessions over the year will result in exclusion from the programme.
  • Once a week Branch training in a trainee coach capacity is also mandatory. Non-attendance to more than 8 weeks a year will result in exclusion from the programme.
  • The Leadership Programme is only available to Meridian Kung Fu Elite Training Members from across the UK.

    We recruit for this intake only once a year.